I think the universe is telling me that I am a bad BAD housekeeper (I really am!) and that I need to clear out all of the stuff in our tiny flat that we really don’t need any more. Such as the cot last used to sleep my five year old son, which has been dismantled but is still leaning against the wall in the lounge (I think it’s been there for about a year now).

And why do I think this?

Because yesterday, in a childish game of ‘annoy the husband by hiding his post from him’, I whacked my three smaller toes on my left foot on that self same cot as I was running into the lounge at a reasonable speed. Ouch.

Somehow, my littlest-but-one toe was grazed on the side, and has swelled up significantly. The bones running further up my foot from these three toes are aching today, and I can’t see me briskly walking or jogging anywhere for a while. I am self treating by sitting in bed (you need to keep the foot elevated, you know!) and hoping that, if I try not to think about it, it will all get better.

Hands up anyone who thinks that this sort of denial is the way to go. Anyone?!


3 Responses

  1. I think you best get that cot onto Freecycle now – it’ll be gone by tonight. Hope you toes feel better soon

  2. oh no! Take care of those toes! I think if you ignore it, it’ll get better. But that’s just me, and because it’s worked for me in the past. (Of course, if you broke it, that won’t happen. But hopefully you haven’t, and it doesn’t look like you have.) If it persists go get it checked out.

  3. :: hands up ::

    all for denial 😀

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