I apologise for my extended absence from my blog. I’ve been on holiday, and I’ve come back feeling all energised and wonderful! I went with my family to Malta for a week. It was a fabulous place, my first trip to that island. The weather was great, in direct contrast with the weather at home, so I am led to believe!

This was our first view of Malta, on reaching our apartment;


I don’t think you could say much, other than “Wow”! This is Valetta, and the dome and spire next to one another in the centre of the picture are the Catholic and Protestant cathedrals in Malta’s capital city. I was amazed, when I reviewed my photos, at how many I had taken of this exact view! I suppose that it was simply convenience, as we could see it from the balcony leading off from our living room and kitchen. All I know is that I seem to have pictures of it at night, at daybreak, in full sunshine (above), at dusk, when the sky was slightly cloudy, from the sea, from further down the promenade and from the base of each building! I’m sure I’ve forgotten some even now! My friend Chris makes fun of me, as there always seems to be something that I’ll focus on whilst on holiday, and I’ll end up with pictures of it from every angle. In Barcelona it was the Sagrada Famiglia; in Salzburg the Nonnberg Abbey; in Sorrento it was Mount Vesuvius. And in Malta, it appears, it was the memorable skyline of Valetta.

We had thought about staying in a hotel, but in the end decided to rent an apartment instead. That way we knew that we wouldn’t be facing a wall, and after a bad experience with hotel food in Mallorca when Handsome was two years old, I felt happier with self catering anyway. The apartment was top of the range, full of everything you could think of needing or wanting. A welcome pack of food was provided, with bread, milk, eggs, tea, coffee, and enough other food to make a meal or two. The housekeeper, Doris, met us on our arrival and guided us around the apartment as well as giving us very handy tips as to public transport, and when would be the best times to visit certain places. We felt very fortunate to have found such a place with such wonderful amenities and so excellent a position.


5 Responses

  1. I can see why you didn’t want to come home. Glad to have you back though 🙂

  2. Congratulations for your blog.

    Should you want to immerse yourself into the historical details of the island of Malta, then get yourself an interactive dvd of Valletta and Vittoriosa. Before your visit view a virtual tour of the city (1hr) then upload voice content on your mobile and when visiting use the attached booklet whilst you roam around like a local.

    The DVD also provides more than 100 original photos that would surely put back to your memory the great time you spend in Malta … explains it all

  3. That looks and sounds blissful. I feel relaxed just looking at the picture.

  4. Missed you! Glad you had a fun trip… what a beautiful photo of Malta!

  5. That looks and sounds fab, glad you had a good time? Glad to have you back too.

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