Sowing and sewing!

Bank holiday weekend turned out to be very relaxing and generally lovely. Yesterday I had a trip to Llantwit Major with my friend Maria to visit her grandparents – too rainy for any photos, I’m afraid, but I’ll definitely take some to share next time I go.

Today was another lovely day. Dad took Mum and I to the supermarket to do our grocery shopping, as I’ve lent my car to a friend for a few days. Then, he took me back to their house and fed me lunch. This left me with plenty of spare time, and so I took the opportunity to make a cover for a notebook I recently bought. Soon, I’ll be going on holiday for a week, and I always like to have a notebook with me, to keep journal entries, record where I’ve been and generally use it as a memory nudger for when I get home! However, I thought that this year I’d quite like to take a pretty book, which would be especially for holidays. I also wanted one with incorporated a pen or pencil as I have a really bad habit of losing them with alarming regularity, but notebooks like this are both hard to find and then costly when you do find them. And then came the idea for a book cover.

I had a couple of fat quarters lolling around at home generally being less than useful, so I press-ganged them into this project. I bought a cheap hard backed notebook from Tesco, and a new pen (only a cheap one, but I intend for it to live with this book and never leave its side!), made a pattern, and produced this cover;

holiday journal

The photo’s not great, as I just took a picture of it on my lap, but you get the general gist of it. The green part on the spine is the pen holder, and you can just see the pen poking out of the top of it if you look closely. Inside the front cover, I’ve put a small pocket;

inside journal

I thought that this could be a good idea to keep tickets from day trips etc, ready to put in my memory box when I get home. Perhaps I’ll publish another hand-written post, from this journal, after my holiday. The last one attracted a great deal of interest, at any rate.

Anyway, I digress. Apart from my book (which I’m very pleased with – all girly and holiday-ey!) I’ve made another three and a half jars of dandelion jam. I boiled it for a lot longer this time, and I think it has set better than last time. However, next time I make any I’m considering mixing it with apple in order to help with the setting – there’s obviously very little pectin in the dandelions (wouldn’t really expect much, if you think it through!) and so it can use all the help it can get! I do use specific jam sugar, but I really think that either added pectin or apples will be the way forward for my next batch.

Also, my first lot of seedlings is coming up well on my kitchen window.

sweetcorn seedlings

My cucumbers and leeks are looking good, and as you can see, the sweetcorn are thriving in their current position – long may it last! I’ve got tomato and pepper seeds germinating at the moment, although they were only planted a few days ago so I’ve got a wait before they’re anywhere near this big! I think I saw a pair of seed leaves poking out of one of my pepper pots this morning though, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’ll be more to see tomorrow!

And so that, together with a Thai vegetable curry which I made for dinner this evening, has been my day. Busy, but in quite a nice, relaxing sort of a way!


10 Responses

  1. “Busy, but in quite a nice, relaxing sort of a way!”

    That’s the best way!

  2. Nice! I love having notebooks myself to carry around… or at least a notepad. Whenever I go to the store I always find myself having inspiration for blog posts. And then I have to borrow a pen and write on my hand because i forgot a pen and notebook.

  3. Keep forgetting to tell you, there’s also activity in the veggie beds. Panic not, I haven’t touched anything! Your inspection will be required first!

    Oh, and we (yes, we!) need to transplant the feral garlic and broad beans (!!!) from the field to the garden, before they get eaten / trampled / drowned in Himalayan Balsam…

  4. Oh what a lovely cover!!

  5. Lovely notebook cover. Glad everything is growing well too!

  6. You ask for the name of the bulb plant shown on your site. It is called “Amaryllis” they are beautiful Loves the sunshine.

  7. That is a really cute little notebook, you’ve done a great job.

    Is it close enough to Christmas to remind you of this?

  8. Hello from New York! That is a very pretty cover.

  9. Thank you – I enjoyed making it. And I’m envious of you being in New York – it’s somewhere that I hope to visit one day.

  10. I love love love sowing and sewing

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