I’ve been knitting and crocheting regularly and consistently for some time now, but the next project I plan to take on is a pair of socks for myself. I’ve never made a pair of socks before, and so I’d love some advice please! I’ve looked on Ravelry, and there are so many patterns to choose from that I’m quite lost!

So, to all sock knitters, what thickness of yarn should I use? Indeed, what sort of yarn should I choose? DPNs, or circular needles? And can anyone recommend an easy pattern for me to try out the first time? Please help!

I’ll be very grateful for any and all advice!


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  1. Socks are WONDERFUL!! I am still fairly new at it myself, but they are a blast to make and there are so many beautiful sock yarns!! I suggest buying Learning Visually Knitting Socks- it is the best how-to book ever for sock knitting.

    As far as a good Rav pattern to start with, I would go for a slightly heavier weight sock to start like this pattern

  2. Sorry that I have NO advice in the socks area! But I got the pictures of the humming birds just standing on the porch at our vacation rental. They were basically fearless and as long as I stood still I got great shots. Plus my camera is pretty good so it gets lots of credit. I cropped the pic a little as well. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Love seeing new one like yours too.

  3. No idea about socks, although I knitted for a while…

  4. I started with Thuja, and I think that’s a good beginner pattern.

  5. @Tara – I’ll keep an eye out for that book – perhaps I’d find it on Amazon or Ebay?

    @ikkinlala – I’ve found Thuja (and saved it on Ravelry), and it does look like a simple pattern for me to try. I’ve got some aran weight yarn which I could use too, so maybe that will be my first pattern.

    @spamwarrior – I thought I’d better ask for some advice before I plunged headlong in, in case there was something about knitting socks that I needed to know! I’ve never been very patient with any knitting that involves more than two needles, so I’m still not sure that it is the best way to go, but hey ho! I’ll give it a go!

    @Julia – I need to go somewhere that there are hummingbirds – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. I don’t expect we get many in Wales though!

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