A peaceful Sunday afternoon

Ahhh, the peace. The quiet. The sound of the breeze riffling through the bushes and trees outside my window. Bliss!

It hasn’t been like this all day. The noise and excitement in my house built up gradually all morning, coming to a head at about eleven o’clock when (after rolling around the living room floor until they broke an ornament of mine) I threw out all my boys. Yep, that’s right, not just my eight and five year old sons, but my husband as well. I gave them strict orders to get out into the garden and work off some of the pent up energy that they had appeared to accumulate overnight. (It was that or I was packing a bag and finding a spa hotel for the bank holiday weekend, and I can’t really afford that right now, delightful though it sounds!)

So, it would appear that my plan worked. They came in, hungry for an early lunch at twelve, then three quarters of an hour ago GG (my husband) disappeared, to be discovered asleep in bed by the children ten minutes later. They have now followed his fine example and are in bed having Sunday naps themselves. This leaves me with the living room to myself, and an hour or so of complete peace, quiet and solitude. Lovely! It’s good to know that throwing them all out in the garden really does work to get rid of all the energy!

So, I’m going to have a lovely hour or two. I’m going to nip over to Ravelry and see if anything catches my eye, then I think I’ll put on a nice film and carry on with the first sleeve of my O W L S jumper. Perfect!


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  1. sounds like bliss! Hope you enjoyed your peace and quiet….

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