*I meant to post this yesterday, but I was way too tired by the time I got to bed, so you’re getting all the updates now!

As we were sat pondering life’s mysteries in the post lunchtime sunshine this afternoon, Jo made me howl with laughter when I misheard something she said.

In a most indignant voice, and seemingly from nowhere she suddenly pronounced (or so I thought), “mechanical aids should not be used to remove the cat”! Of course, I looked at her in bewilderment, which rapidly turned to fits of laughter as I realised that she had actually said “cap”, not “cat”. By the time I managed to tell her what I had thought she had said, she had taken a swig of lemonade from the bottle which had held the warning that she had read out to me. Unfortunately, she couldn’t then swallow the liquid, and so had to genteely spit it out into the hedgerow to save herself from choking.

When I made her nealy choke shortly afterwards for a second time, she retaliated by upending the bottle over my head! Luckily, she had just had the last mouthful and so only a few drops came my way. It could have been so much worse!


2 Responses

  1. I’ve choked over more food than I can remember, laughing at funny things. ^__^

  2. I’m just glad you didn’t have your camera on you at the time!

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