A novice gardener!

I’ve never been the most enthusiastic horticulturalist, but recently, encouraged by Jo‘s enthusiasm to start a vegetable garden, and by my own desire to both save money and provide good food for my family, I’ve been trying to learn a little more about growing my own vegetables and fruit. Well, this week, as I’ve been able to spend more time at the farm than usual, I’ve taken the opportunity to really get on with our vegetable garden that we are establishing up there.

Yesterday was a hard day. I was digging up a piece of lawn (which had at least been mostly cleared by the pigs) to prepare it for planting part of the vegetable patch. As I’ve not had my laptop with me at the farm, I took a notepad and have been writing posts longhand, to copy out when I got home. Yesterday, I tried to write a post after I’d finished digging for the day, but I was far too tired and muscle sore to compose full sentences. I was going to try to make sense of the bits and pieces for you, but have decided that it would be far more illuminating if I just wrote down exactly what I came out with yesterday!

Weak wrists; enthusiasm, not strength; overestimating ability; unfit; tired; wobbly, digging; heavy soil; clumpy, stony, long roots; so peaceful it’s hard to be energetic; Distant sound of the road overshadowed by birdsong and panting dog; hedonistic pleasure; self-indulgent; still wobbly arm muscles – effort to hold pencil!

There you are. That’s yesterday’s post for you!

Today went much better. I did a bit more digging and then actually got round to planting some potatoes. I found it all very exciting, as I’ve never grown my own potatoes before. I can’t wait for the shoots to appear! But to the photos;


This was my first trench that I’ve ever dug – I’m very impressed by its (nearly) straightness! (The string was leaning to the left a little in the breeze, by the way!)


These are my ingenious twelve and eighteen inch measuring sticks that I made in order to measure out the ocrrect distance between potatoes and rows!

potatoes in trench

My first trench, with my first ever planted potatoes! These are second earlies (whatever that actually means other than they harvest earlier than the later ones!) and I did the whole ‘choosing the two best shoots’ bit, although I did have to phone Mum to find out which way up they should go!

potato patch

Et voila, my patch at the end of today. Five rows (approximately fourteen or fifteen feet long) planted up with an assortment of potatoes! Also, please notice the neat edging of stones! This is to facilitate Jo’s weeding, as she is a self confessed ‘novicer novice’ than me at all of this, and so with this edging I’m able to say “grass inside stones bad, outside stones good”! I’m looking forward to the whole patch being planted, and am eager to get on with a little more. This is dangerously addictive!


2 Responses

  1. […] Thanks to Jennie for taking those photos (!!!!!!!!!!!) on your much needed (and deserved) break from planting all those potatoes!! […]

  2. Whoa that looks like hard work. Congratulations on establishing the veggie garden.

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