Support Margaret Haywood, and honest nurses everywhere

My Dad has just published a post about the circumstances behind Margaret Haywood’s loss of career, following being struck off as a registered nurse. She was trying to highlight falling standards on her ward, and although the BBC programme which used her recorded material obtained permission from all patients pictured, before airing, the Nursing and Midwifery Council have judged that she breached patient confidentiality and therefore should no longer be a nurse.

Surely we should be lauding those with the bravery to stand up like this for the rights of patients, thanking her for bringing it to the forefront of our attention rather than allowing it to remain as urban myth? Surely, we should congratulate her for her honesty and integrity, thus encouraging other people in the profession to stand up for better treatment for patients, not removing her as if ‘caring’ is suddenly shameful. I would have thought that this is the very embodiment of a nursing vocation.

If you agree with this, please sign this petition, and if you are a member of Facebook, join this group to show your support.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I am so glad so many people seem to be getting behind the nurse Margaret Haywood

  2. I think (as I blogged) that people like her should be praised, not punished, for showing this level of caring which is supposed to be the mainstay of the profession. It’s a cause worth getting behind!

  3. I would like to state my diapproval for the striking off of this brave and caring nurse. I believe she should be reinstated and promoted to manager of the ward.

  4. Should definitely be reinstated.

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