Cardiff – a view of our city

For those of you not yet fortunate enough to have visited Cardiff in Wales, here’s a video I found on Youtube which has a slideshow of past and present images of my home city. Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and I really like the music too!


3 Responses

  1. It is fascination how some of the buildings look so similar to places in Melbourne where I live. Wonder if they had similar architects or the one’s here copied those over your way.

  2. A really interesting video. I don’t go to Cardiff as often as I’d like – I did manage a baby-free day there a few weeks ago and spent some time at the Museum – it was fabulous! Have you seen the Origins exhibition? Fascinating stuff….

  3. I love looking at the architecture in Cardiff when I go into the city. I try to look up as well as forwards, in order to see the detailing at the top of the buildings.

    Cardiff’s quite a young city, relatively speaking, so probably the same style of architecture was ‘in fashion’ when many newer cities were being built.

    I haven’t been to the museum in ages..I really must make time for a visit and some quiet time soon!

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