Driving, driving, driving!

I drove a long way today. Well, a long way for me, anyway. I reckon I covered about 140 miles, which, bearing in mind that I live in a city and everything I need is generally within four miles, is a fair mileage for one day. As we were driving down the motorway, with spray flying up from underneath the lorry in front of us, I said to Jo that I really don’t get why people commute like this if they have any other choice of transport.

However, it will have done Tallulah (my car, so named because she’s turquoise!) good to have had a long run down the motorway; or so my Dad says whenever you mention a long drive on a fast road! I tend to agree with him about cars. He has had considerably more experience than me, after all.

Anyway, where was I? That’s right, on the M4 motorway. I genuinely believe that you have to build up a sort of fitness level to be able to drive long distances regularly, much in the same way as you have to train before you can jog anywhere, or cycle up hill. And driving in the rain puts that much more pressure on you. I’ve been brought up (again, by my Dad) to assume that all other drivers are idiots until proven wrong, so my level of concentration is high. And it really takes it out of me.

I’m going to be driving a bit more than usual over the next few days, so hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I’ll be ‘fitter’, and feeling the effects less, which is good if I am ever to achieve my lifelong ambition. My friend Chris (who won’t let me post a photo of him here, meany!) and I hope, by the time we are too old to drive, to have held each class of driving licence at least once. We plan to start small, with fork lift trucks (or whatever the smallest class would be) and work our way up to the huge juggernauts that you see thundering along the motorways, scaring the living daylights out of me when I have to get anywhere near them. I’m sure that I’ll be fine if I’m actually driving one though, as it is the size of it in comparison to my small tin-can-on-wheels that particularly bothers me.

Anyway, with a lottery win all of this would be achievable so much faster, so please all keep your fingers crossed for me for tomorrow night. Jo was (also in the car today) outlining plans to build an Oxford quadrangle type building for her house if she were to win the lottery, which sounds good to me, so I don’t mind if she wins it instead! Also Mum has mentioned that she would look after me if she were to win, so surely one of us could manage a small fortune?


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