Another part of my childhood has gone…

…with the news today of the death of Sir Clement Freud. He is synonymous in my mind with mealtimes listening to ‘Just a Minute’ on Radio 4, giggling at his quick wit and ready ability to bring a smile to the lips, even whilst talking about the most unlikely subjects. I’m too young to have a clear recollection of his career as an MP, and wasn’t born when he did many of the things that he is famed for. However, those episodes of ‘Just a Minute’ are an integral part of my childhood memories, and it’s sad when another part of your childhood slips irretrievably away.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve only just learn of his death through your blog …. a wonderful wit with a lugubrious voice.

  2. I just remember the sound of his voice as my parents must’ve been listening to ‘Just a minute’. I am starting to feel old now.

  3. I remember the adverts he used to do with Henry the lugubrious bloodhound!
    He was a perfect complement to the quicker, younger team members of “Just a minute” with his slow ,dry wit.

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