Easter Weekend in Dolau, Mid Wales

We have had the most relaxing weekend I can remember having in years. We booked a holiday cottage through Hoseasons and took ourselves off (together with my friends Maria and Chris) to the outer limits of civilisation (as Maria would put it!), AKA Dolau, deep in the countryside of Powys, Mid Wales!

We had big plans for day trips around the area, but in the event we were so relaxed that, other than a swift forage in Llandrindod Wells for milk, we didn’t leave the farm.

Upper Dolau Farmhouse

And who could blame us when we had somewhere this lovely to stay? This is the back of Upper Dolau Farmhouse, and you can see the open kitchen door, as well as the patio area, where we spent so much of the weekend, enjoying the unexpected sunshine.

It is a really nicely updated farmhouse, with wooden beamed ceilings and a range in the dining room, as this was obviously the original kitchen. The living room had a fireplace, and the bedrooms all had pitched ceilings to varying degrees. The kitchen was enormous, and very light and airy. I really enjoyed my cooking time in there!

Another feature of the house which I loved, and would definitely include in any house I built were the really deep windowsills. I sat on many of them over the course of the weekend, enjoying the views.

View from boys' bedroom

This was the view from the bedroom where the boys slept. The windowsill was the only part of the house where I managed to get the tiniest amount of signal for my mobile phone, and so I sat here for a while in an effort to let our family know that we had arrived safely. Maria and I agreed that it was really refreshing, not having access to a phone or to the internet all weekend. It really was a very insular weekend, which is part of the reason it was so lovely!

Mid Wales sky

With views of this to gaze out at, it was a wonderful place for quiet reflection. Knitting played a part in the almost meditative calm I found myself in from time to time! However, there were also lots of laughs shared with GG and my friends. Chris has a very quick mind and always is ready to say something to make us laugh. So much so, that on Saturday night, Maria went to bed actually aching from laughing too much and for too long!

Sunset over Dolau

You wouldn’t believe how many times we tried to take a picture of this sunset! The house is where the owners of the farm live, and (in case you can’t make it out from the picture) is a gorgeous old red brick house.

We went up on Good Friday and came back yesterday (Easter Monday), although we all would have been happy to stay for much longer. Maria, the boys and I were all for squatting, but GG was having none of it and insisted that we should come home. However, he has said that he’d really like to go back some time, so we have that to look forward to!


3 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you had such a relaxing break in such a beautiful spot (and that you will go again!)

  2. We will definitely go again – just hope that we are as lucky with the weather next time too! It was extra special being able to spend so much time outside.

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