Easter weekend break, part two – the creatures!

Being out in the countryside for an extended period of time was great. I can’t remember the last time that we spent this long away from the city in one go! Anyway, part of the attraction of the place was the amount of animal life that we were able to observe, both wild and domestic.

Dolau dogs

First of all, and the ones who made the greatest impact on us, were the dogs who live at the farm. The two Scotties were the ones who we came to know the best. Charlie (at the back) and Pippin (on the right) were great fun and very friendly, arriving at the kitchen door every time I cooked a meal! The boys thoroughly enjoyed playing with them, and would have been quite happy to have smuggled them home with us!


The sound of birdsong resonated around us, all the more noticeable for our having lived in the city for the last ten years. I didn’t manage to get pictures of many of the birds, but this buzzard was swooping around the farm at just the right time, and I got this snapshot. There were also some (we think) swifts nesting under the eaves of the house, which made a lot of noise in the mornings! Maria made a video of the view from her bedroom window on the first morning, and as her camera can also record sound, you get a fabulous impression of the amount of birdsong which was the soundtrack to our holiday.


This is Cheeky and Maria visiting the horse who was kept in this enclosure through the days. The enclosure was opposite our kitchen window, on the other side of the farmyard, and so we couldn’t resist visiting him.


The lambing barn was just behind our house, and (with the farmer’s permission) we went to visit. These lambs were obviously used to people, being bottle fed I imagine, and came rushing to the fence for some fussing as soon as we came into sight. It was lovely for the boys, never having got so near to lambs before. The bleating of the lambs also was a big part of the sound of our weekend.


We also had this bunny rabbit pay frequent visits to the garden. He would hop around, quite unconcerned as to whether or not anyone was around, looking for tasty treats.


Someone else looking for tasty treats and quite unconcerned about our presence was this little mouse! He appeared on our last night, creeping out from a crack beside the fireplace and sauntering around the living room as if he owned the place. I will admit that I kept my feet on the sofa while he was there, although I didn’t scream or in any way become hysterical, which I think was to my credit!

All in all, the animals and birds all definitely added to the holiday, and certainly gave us even more happy memories to look back on.


2 Responses

  1. Yay! Animal photos!

    Though the OCD bit of me would like to point out that your two doggie pals are Westies, not Scotties…

    So, when are we buying our farm then?

    I assume the boys (of all ages) are now thoroughly hooked and will be on board with the plan?!

  2. Definitely. I just need to work out a home-based business plan so that we can live wherever we like!

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