Frugality in the home!

I cast on for my O W L S sweater. It took a while, because I usually cast on using the thumb method, but this doesn’t work (as I found out) when using circular needles, and also when casting on so many stitches. So, I had to use the long tail method (not sure if that’s its name, but any knitters among you should know what I’m talking about!) which I’ve never done before. Luckily, I found an extremely helpful tutorial on Youtube which described in detail how to do it, and I was away. I’ve seen this method of casting on described in a book before, but have never worked out exactly what they were on about. But watching it on Youtube, I felt like an idiot because it was so simple!

Anyway, I’m getting off the point. I cast on my stitches, then remembered that I need two sorts of stitch markers. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve never knitted anything in the round before, and so had never had need of stitch markers. And that is when my ingenious side came to the fore. I had a look through my jewellery box (which is mostly full of tangled necklaces from Dorothy Perkins and similar places, but oh well. My time for precious gems will come!) and found a single earring (not unusual), the mate to which I remember having broken last year. Anyway, to cut a long story short(er), this earring was made up of silver (coloured) rings, so, after dismantling the earring, I had myself the basis for my stitch markers. Then, on discovering some paper rosebuds on wire stems in my jewellery box (I keep things in the weirdest places) I decided to utilise them in this project.

rose stitch markers

Et voila! I now have three very pretty (and free) stitch markers, which are doing the job they were intended for perfectly. However, I needed a couple of constrasting stitch markers (I’ve not yet worked out why) and so, on rootling around some more, I found this;

heart stitch marker

At Christmas, I made crackers with personalised gifts in, to have at the dinner table. Of course, I refused to put a present in my own, and left it to my husband, hinting that diamonds are small if he was struggling to think of a small, appropriate, gift. Anyway, bless him, he went and found this charm which actually has a tiny diamond which you can just see in the picture, in the top right of the silver heart. I don’t have a charm bracelet as such, and so this has sat in its packet in my jewellery box since Christmas, until I decided to make a functional, yet pretty, stitch marker out of it. So now, even though I’m maybe not using it as GG expected me to (i.e. as jewellery), I am still getting pleasure from it while I make my jumper.

Oh, and by the way, the yarn I’m using for my jumper is in the background of the rosebuds picture at the top of the post. It’s really soft, and because it’s chunky it’s knitting up really fast. I like that!

Hopefully I’ll have moore news of finished items soon. I want my swap things done by next Friday (17th April) as a buffer so that if I run up against unexpected hiccups I’m not stitching and panicking at the last minute!


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  1. Very thrifty 🙂 Great solutions. I look forward to seeing the result of your knitting.

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