Our eyes

After the request of my friend Suzy, yesterday, I took pictures of my and my boys’ eyes for the purposes of contrast and comparison. And here they are;

my eye

This is my eye. I had intended to put some make up on it, but in the event I really couldn’t be bothered! And besides, perhaps it makes for a better comparison, ‘bare’!

handsome's eye

This is my oldest son’s eye. Handsome tried to open his eyes wide, but in the event the flash must have put him off. Bless him!

cheeky's eye

And this is my youngest’s eye. For some reason, Cheeky’s picture came out a little blurry. But he did manage to keep it nice and wide open for me, bless him!

My eye    Handsome's eye    Cheeky's eye
Our eyes are all similar in colour, and I think that if Handsome had managed to keep his eyes wider open, our eyes would have looked most similar. Both myself and handsome have almond shaped eyes, while Cheeky’s eyes are rounder, more like his Dad’s eyes. But what do you all think?

5 Responses

  1. There are striking resemblences in all of them! I should have left the makeup off too, you’re right, it makes for a better comparison. 🙂

  2. No no, don’t praise me for leaving the make up off – I couldn’t be bothered to get up from my comfy sofa and find some! (Mind you, I’ve not even located my hairbrush today yet, so the make up really didn’t stand a chance!)

  3. Freaky similarities.

  4. Wow, they definitely got the eyes from you. Handsome has beautiful eyes- I’m a little jealous.

  5. Thank you very much! I know – how is it that boys get such good eyelashes? And without mascara (I promise!). Handsome looks just like I did at his age, except for the boy part, but you know what I mean! so it was inevitable that our eyes would be similar. It is rare for anyone to comment on a resemblance between Cheeky and myself though, probably down to the huge difference in hair colour, so it’s good to see that our eyes are reasonably similar, in colour at least!

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