This is to be such a ‘bits and pieces’ type post that I really couldn’t think of a name for it – hence the title!

I spent most of today in Cardiff city centre with my boys and mother in law, as she asked if she could buy them clothes for their birthday. It was like drawing teeth. Without anaesthetic! Neither child was really remotely interested in choosing clothes, but luckily remained polite for me. However, I ended up putting choices of clothes in front of them, and inviting them to pick their favourites. Cheeky got into it in the end, just as I was finishing the shopping, but never mind. We managed to get a couple of shirts and sweaters for them, so it wasn’t a complete disaster. And I bought a skirt for myself, which I absolutely love and changed into the second I got home. Yay, I can be a girl now and again!

Whilst shopping for shorts for Cheeky (for our holidays), he decided that he didn’t like any of the ones in the shops. He, happily conciding in opinion with me, dislikes the longer shorts that seem to be all that is on offer for boys at the moment. And so, in a spirit of frugality which is obviously being passed down through the generations, he and I decided that we will go through his clothes, find any trousers that are too short for him and we will then convert them into shorts – custom sewn to his preferred length! I love it! I’m happy because I get to reuse something rather than chucking out old clothes and buying new, and he’s happy because he gets the sort of  shorts he actually wants. Fabulous!

I’ve made a little progress on my works in progress, and I hope to carry on for half an hour once I’ve finished this post, although I’m very tempted to go to bed with the book I chose to follow on from ‘War and Peace’ – ‘Gone With The Wind’. I’m already a fair way through its 1050 pages, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s not a chore to read at all, which makes a pleasant change from my last choice!

I’m dying to cast on for my O W L S jumper, but I’m determined to finish my dishcloths and kitchen towel first. I think I’ll leave starting the hot pads for next week, because I don’t want to rush them. I’ve still got a couple of weeks until the deadline. I do have a mystery project to do before then though, which I had forgotten all about until today. More details at a later date!

I’m sure I had more to type, but my eyes are getting heavier and heavier so I think I’ll leave anything else until tomorrow.


2 Responses

  1. Just to let you know, the following site is stealing entire posts from wordpress (and other) blogs):

    So far, I have gotten my photo taken down from the site with help from wordpress support, but have not been able to get content removed.

  2. Way to go Cheeky in the recycling of clothing.

    Boys shorts these days seem to almost be at ankle length which is really weird.

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