Works in progress

I seem to have quite a few works in progress at the moment, and I’m dying to do about twenty other things as well (I’m a Gemini, and have the typical Gemini characteristics of flitting like a butterfly from one project to the other!). In an effort to try to check myself, I decided to share all of my current WIPs with you, as well as my target of finishing them all by the end of the month.

Patchwork squares for afghan

Well, all except this one! This is the current mound of squares that I have accrued towards my winter afghan project, and I’ve no intention of trying to finish it by the end of April, but it still counts as a WIP so it deserved a photo! I have a vision of myself piecing this all together when the evenings get chilly again in the autumn, so that the ever increasing blanket keeps my knees warm as I work!

dishcloth for swap

This is a small project that I hope to finish this evening. I’m making a dishcloth (or maybe two – I’ll see how fast it comes together) to include with my Down–To–Earth swap parcel which is due to be posted before the end of the month. Along with the dishcloth, will be this;

kitchen towel

It’s not a great picture, but it’s a section of the kitchen towel which will be part of my swap. I’ve got to edge it with coloured cotton to finish it, so not too much work left, once I decide what stitch I want to use.

Wool for Owls

While it’s not quite a work in progress yet, not having been started, I have it in my head to start this over the Easter weekend, so it will definitely count by next week! I bought it on Ebay recently, and plan to use it to make an Owls sweater, as shown here (you need to scroll down the page to see the Owls design).

slipper socksNext, is this pair of slipper socks that I have been crocheting to be kept at my mother in law’s house. No-one wears shoes in her house, but her conservatory (where we spend a lot of time) has laminate floor so my feet are usually freezing cold. They’re nearly finished, apart from making the leg parts a little longer, but I’d like to embellish them a little.

bath mat in progress

Does anyone remember me asking you to guess the strange item in the picture a few weeks ago? Well, this was what it was leading to. It was a ball of recycled yarn, made from cutting t-shirts into long strips. I was sorting through my t-shirts and discovered that I’ve got about eight charity t-shirts (mainly from the half-dozen ‘Races For Life’ that I’ve done), all of which were a little the worse for wear and taking up space in my drawers that could definitely be put to better use! So I decided to make myself a mat for my bathroom floor. I like to have a good solid chunky mat underfoot when I get out of the bath, and this will definitely suit! As far as I’ve gone so far took up two whole t-shirts, and I’ve got three more wanting a good home. I’m hoping that will be enough, otherwise I’m attacking GG’s drawers too!

Last but not least, is this;holiday bag in progress

It is the beginnings of a bag to take on holiday with me when we go abroad later in the year. The solid rectangle is the base (or nearly is the base – I need to enlarge it a little more), the pink ex-shirt will be the lining, and the granny squares are the start of the couple of dozen that I’ll need for the body of the bag. When I saw this yarn in my mother in law’s stash I loved it’s bright colours on sight and so when she passed her stash onto my mother, and my mother had no use for it, I had it! It’s really soft as well, so lovely to work with. I look forward to seeing what I manage to make from it!

So, that is it. My list of WIPs. All of which (plus two pot-holders for my swap) I want to have finished by the end of the month. I have confidence in me! I’ve got so much else that I want to do, I’m sure that if I concentrate on these I’ll have no problem finishing them. Expect many photos of completed articles in due course!


2 Responses

  1. I love all those colours in your bag-to-be. Reading all the projects you do always makes me want to learn how to crochet, other than a simple blanket that is. I might get round to it one day.

  2. I’m into turquoise in quite a big way at the moment, so it seemed an ideal way to use the wool. And if I can ever give you any help with the crochet, let me know, They say that it’s easier to watch someone when you’re starting off, than trying to learn from a book! But then, you already have the basics, so you’ll have no problems.

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