Update on the convalescent home!

I had two boys home today; husband and youngest son. Thankfully, Handsome looks like he’s staying well – I hope that keeps up until at least after his birthday! Cheeky (youngest son) was just exhausted (as am I!) after being up for over an hour and a half last night. He got up at around half past eleven, coughing fit to burst, so I tried everything my fuzzy brain could think of – cough medicine, honey, warm drink, chocolate (most successful of the lot!) and then decided to put something that wouldn’t interest him on the television in the hopes that he would fall asleep on my lap and I could carry him back to bed. FYI, it is extremely hard to find something to watch which is dull for him but interesting enough to keep me awake, without watching something which would be unsuitable. In the end, I decided to put on an episode of the ‘West Wing’ (series 2, in case you were wondering!). Well, was that a mistake! Inadvertently, I had found a winner when it came to my son; apparently my four year old is extremely interested in American political dramas, and was completely hooked for the entire two episodes we watched (asking pertinent questions, and everything!). Eventually, at the end of the second episode, he woke me up (I fell asleep about ten minutes before the end) and said, “Mummy, shall I put you to bed now?!”, which I thought was about the mosst civilised idea he’d had for a while (it was one o’clock in the morning by this point). We did do it the right way round though – I thought it would be a little cruel of me to leave him to find his own way to bed after seeing me safely tucked up, so I saw him snugly wrapped up with teddy bears around him and then climbed wearily into my own bed.

I’m still not sure how I managed to get out of bed this morning – probably only because GG was in a much worse state than me! I managed to find clean (and co-ordinating!) clothes (including a skirt, which will shock those of you that know me!), and got the boys to school and myself to work. Although I did have a hair-raising episode on the bus, due to a formula-one wannabe bus driver. As I was saying, I got myself and my thermos cup of tea to work, only to be informed by GG two hours later that Cheeky had been sent home ill, as he was too tired to concentrate on his work (bless!). He had been fine at breakfast and on the walk into school, but the tiredness obviously hit him mid morning and he needed to come home and sleep. So, I took flexi-time, not wanting to think of my two poor sick menfolk being home alone.

The rest of today has mainly consisted of us all taking turns to nap (except aforementioned ruggedly healthy Handsome, bless him and his tea-making abilities!) and then holding each other up. GG and Cheeky still have coughs, and GG will be going to the doctor tomorrow as his chest is giving him a fair amount of pain whenever he coughs or sneezes – I’d like to rule out any sort of infection. Cheeky will be spending the last two days of term at home, which fortunately he’s not too upset about. I’m surprised, given that there are various Easter activities planned for the next couple of days that he will be missing out on. However, it will give him a chance to recuperate and find his appetite.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and actually eating loads of fruit and veggies, in the strong hope that I don’t pick up this latest set of germs. I’m tired right now, but don’t feel at all ill, which is a new and pleasant feeling for me this year! Anyway, on that note, I’m switching off my computer, doing four rows of my knitting and then going to bed. This was going to be a short post, but life never turns out the way you expect, does it!

  • **BY THE WAY…My Mum is taking part in NaBloPoMo this month, with a theme of growing (up). She has a series of posts planned about her childhood and adolescence, which I really look forward to reading, so pop on over if you get a chance (and say hello while you’re there, and that I sent you!). Her first post is about her early childhood, and the fact that she was born six weeks before the Second World War broke out – imagine that from my grandmother’s point of view – six week old twins and your husband joins up to go to war. I can’t imagine how I’d cope with the stress of looking after the children on my own (and she had an older brother as well), let alone the worry for my husband.

2 Responses

  1. Bless you! I hope everyone’s feeling better today. Let me know if you need anything xx

  2. Fingers crossed that everyone gets better with no further germs shared around.

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