Husband down

Cheeky woke up this morning feeling much better than his poor feverish self yesterday, and so I duly packed him off to school (no unnecessary sick days in this house!). Went shopping with Mum, got back to her house and had a phone call from GG (husband) telling me that he feels awful and is coming home. He got home by 3pm, went to bed until 6pm, got up for a few mouthfuls of dinner and now has gone back to bed. Bless him. He booked tomorrow off to get some extra sleep already, so hopefully that should see him right.

He basically has what Cheeky had yesterday – irritable cough, feverish (high temperature) and he’s dizzy if he stands up. Hopefully he’ll shift it as quickly as our youngest did. I bought lots of fruit and vegetables today though, so there are lots of vitamins for him to consume! We’ve all been hit by a bit of a burst of various lurgies recently (except Handsome, touch wood, who is by far the healthiest of us all, touch wood!) so hopefully the warmer weather and longer days will help us to get rid of them for once and for all.


3 Responses

  1. Ugh. Sorry you have all been sick.

    I hope spring brings warmer weather and healthier times for you all.

  2. Glad Cheeky’s better, get better soon NDT, stay well Handsome and Jennie x

  3. Sorry for all the sickness, hope everyone is better soon!

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