Saturday – birthday present shopping and Earth Hour

Yesterday was a wonderfully lazy sort of a day. I had a lovely long lie in, then Cheeky and I went to town, shopping for Handsome’s birthday present. We were successful, thankfully, in quite a short space of time, so we were able to spend the rest of the afternoon ambling happily around the shops that we wanted to go to instead. We went and looked at the pet stall in Cardiff Market, so that Cheeky could admire the gerbils, then we went to the food hall in Howells to buy some chocolate. Cheeky has a cold and was losing his voice yesterday so the chocolate was medicinal! We sat in the public gardens beside the old library for Cheeky to consume a medicinal Lindt bunny, where I noticed this rather magnificent magnolia tree;

St John's church and magnolia tree

It kind of puts our little tree in the front garden to shame!

After we had finished ambling around town, we went down to Cardiff Bay to meet my friend and Cheeky’s Godmother, Maria. On our way, we stopped to take a quick self portrait in the mirrored water tower (otherwise known as the Torchwood Hub) outside the Millennium Centre;

Jennie and Cheeky

We then went for a rejuvenating cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake. Maria came home with us in the evening and we all observed Earth Hour together. We lit candles in the sitting room, and used our wind-up torch if we wanted to go to any different rooms. I did my best to talk about the reasons for Earth Hour with the children, but I think that they may have been too excited, having their Auntie visiting unexpectedly, to pay a great deal of attention! However, we let them stay up late to sit in the candlelight with us. We all found it very relaxing – Cheeky found it so relaxing, in fact, that he fell asleep on GG’s lap!

All in all, it was a lovely day, and one that I look forward to repeating, with minor variations, in a couple of weeks when I take Handsome shopping for Cheeky’s birthday presents. Having both birthdays in April was extremely bad planning!


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