Poor Cheeky!

As I type, my poor little Cheeky boy is lying next to me in bed (that’s right, I’m having another lie in!), coughing away, looking very tired and feeling really quite sorry for himself! He’s hot everywhere except his feet, which are like little blocks of ice so I’ve just done him a hot water bottle to try to sort that out. He has picked up a cold (probably mine, if truth be told) and has turned it into mini-man flu. There’s whimpering, loud breathing, pitiful looks from his big, puppy dog eyes, and constant updates as to his symptoms! At least he has his voice back today though, which was fading in and out like a bad DJ at a school disco yesterday.

We’re going to take it easy for this morning, but I’m hoping that he’ll feel better after lunch and I’ll be able to get him and his brother out to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine that is here (for one day only, apparently!). I’ll see how tired he seems after some nice lunch.

Bless him. He’s usually so manically happy and energetic, it’s quite unnerving to have him lying down docilely for the whole morning.


2 Responses

  1. Oh I hope he feels better soon!!

  2. Poor wee love- hope he’s feeling better soon!

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