More Easter bonnets or hats for boys

Well, so many of you right now are coming here after searching for boys’ Easter bonnets that I thought I’d do another post about it. This time, however, I plan on finding people who put more time and effort into their creations than I did last year!

  • This link leads to a very cute top hat with bunny ears which would be suitable for a little boy, made out of cardboard plates and bowls, and apparently taking less than an hour to complete.
  • At this website you can find instructions to make a rabbit hat/headband which is really suitable for boys or girls. It’s just made with cardboard and glue, so cheap to put together.
  • Here in the forums are a whole range of ideas for boy suitable Easter hats, from chicks playing rugby to top hats.

You can also find some more ideas on Yahoo answers, although a lot of the other places I searched more or less just described what I did last year with the yellow straw hat and the chicks!

If you find any of these ideas useful, or if you have better ideas of your own, please let me know. I’d like to be able to do an updated post next year, so feedback would be helpful. Also, if you’re new here, please come back and visit again! I’m planning a giveaway towards the end of April, so hopefully lots of you will be interested in taking part.

**EDIT** 28/03/10 – I’ve just uploaded a new post about the latest Easter hat we made for my younger son’s Easter parade. Have a look at it here.


11 Responses

  1. Jennie, you must be the most industrious person I have ever known! 😀 I don’t know how you do it, but admire you so much for being able to!

  2. Not really industrious at all – just spend too much of my time crafting when I should be doing housework 😉

  3. Hi!!

    Please visit my shop!

    Cute Bunny Bunny Rabbit hats 🙂

  4. @Yenny – unfortunately, I can’t recommend that mothers of boys visit your shop for items related to this post as the items you are selling seem to be more appropriate for girls than boys. I wish you well in selling to parents of little girls though, and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks so much for the ideas! I’ve never been on your site before but needed an easter hat for my son. Thanks for the links – loved the footy idea and the creme egg idea. Will let my son choose between them (and maybe keep the other up my sleeve for next year). Would love photos as well but still very helpful. 🙂

  6. I’m glad you liked the ideas Christy; I’m not the most imaginitive when it comes to things like this which is why I put the links to other people’s sites! I’ve just had a letter home from school saying that my two boys will need hats again this easter, as well as a decorated eggshell – oh joy! So I’ve bought a load of toy chicks ready, and I’ll be looking for inspiration myself this weekend!

    Good luck with your hat making. I wish it was as easy for boys as it is for girls!

  7. Jennie, I have been looking to do a boy’s Easter hat for so long that I almost gave up!
    The hat that you provided is PERFECT! My son and I will have a blast making it together!

    Thank you and keep avoiding the housework 🙂

    A fan,

  8. Last year I made my son a Cadbury Creame Egg hat. Paper macehe to make a hat/egg shape paint the top brown then stick lots of cadburys creme egg wrappers arount the bottom so it looks like the wrapping has been peeled down to reveal the chocolate. It was very effective and my son won the overall prize in his easter party not just his age group prize!! I am looking for something to top that this year but just cant think of anything 😦

  9. Kath, that sounds like a fab idea, and must have taken loads of effort! It’s difficult making for boys though, isn’t it? I’m dreading the letter coming home from school before this year’s easter balloon race!

  10. This is the best idea for a boys easter hat I have seen so far. Lots of hard work but I bet it will look fantastic. I will be starting this weekend. Thank you so much for the idea. Fingers crossed he wins.

  11. Hi Jen,I havebeen looking for ways in making an Easter hat or bonnet for my 4yrs old school parade…Please give m some tips in doing so.

    His suit is a black scissor tail jacket with long pants,orange shirt .

    Please I have been looking ,but to know avail.

    Thanking you!

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