Dead at your age

I noticed this on the S.E.V.E.N. blog, and thought it was so bizarre, I really have to share it with you! tells you which people of note through the years you have outlived! Go and have a go! I found out that I’ve just outlived Ruth Ellis, a woman who was the last to be executed in England after she killed her abusive boyfriend. Well, that’s good to know then! Who have you recently outlived?

A macabre but strangely compelling website. Come back and let me know who it threw up for you!


3 Responses

  1. I’m none the wiser, having never heard of any of mine, ha ha!

    Bored today, are we, Jennie!!!!! 😀

  2. Well, a bit of that, and a bit intrigued when I saw it on someone else’s blog. Grabbed you though, didn’t it! xx

  3. King Richard III for me. He died of injuries in battle. Freaky.

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