A Christmas present in waiting!

Early success! (I’m posting this now because I’m relying on some of you to remind me of this gift idea nearer to Christmas)

Last year, before Christmas I had a day out in London. While I was in Covent Garden market I saw a stall selling glasses made from recycled bottles, and I thought that they would be a fabulous present for my sister in law and her other half, both of whom enjoy a glass of wine, but unfortunately, due to the clumsiness of my brother in law, keep breaking all their wine glasses. These looked particularly sturdy. However, due to my appalling lack of ability to make a decision, I didn’t buy a set and have regretted it ever since. It really would have made a great present for them, the novelty as well as usefulness being something that my brother in law especially would have enjoyed. So, imagine my delight when I found a source of these glasses online at Green Glass! It’s such a shame that I didn’t find the link at the beginning of the month, as my brother in law had his birthday two weeks ago and they would have been his birthday present. However, depending on the collective memory of my readership, these will be a brilliant online purchase for them in December.


Image courtesy of Green Glass’s website, where you can find their online shop. Seriously though, go and have a look for yourselves.  Unfortunately, they don’t deliver outside the UK – I’d imagine that there could be weight issues, as well as fragile issues to contend with there. But what a great idea these glasses are! It almost makes me wish that I drank wine, so that I could justify buying some! maybe I could make myself virgin cocktails to serve in them, or even just a nice cold lemonade for the hot summer I’m optimistically forecasting.

You can tell I like them, can’t you! Someone will definitely be getting a pair of these at some point this year, without a doubt!


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  1. I’ve seen glasses like this before, they sell them on the Ethical Superstore website, just had a look and discovered they’re made by the same people. I’m sure I’ve seen them in a Fairtrade type shop in one of the old Arcades in town too.

    I do like the little lizards going around the edge though.

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