A good day

Today has been a good day. In fact, I’m feeling absolutely exhausted and should be snoozing in my comfy bed by now, but I wanted just to write a short(ish) note here, as much to evaluate my day for myself as to update you all, to be honest!

Today was my Dad‘s birthday, and while I couldn’t visit during school time as I had to go to work, the boys and I went round there after school and took him his present and cards. Handsome and Cheeky had made cards themselves, which I think he liked, and I’d found a funny cartoon one which featured a dog looking speculatively at a cat through an open patio door. Mum provided a most delicious roast dinner, as well as pudding and birthday cake. Mmmm! And my children provided the entertainment; Handsome has very recently developed an interest in magic tricks, which I can foresee may become his new fascination! Cheeky, meanwhile, provided the material for our giggles by imitating various characters from the comedy programme, ‘Dad’s Army’.

Work was good today. The shift passed quickly, and I managed to complete another square and a half towards my blanket for next winter during my break and whilst travelling. I’m definitely on track!

I’ve decided that when we go away for our short break during the Easter holidays, I will take a knitting project to do. I’ve not done anything substantial on knitting needles for some time, and am feeling an urge to make myself something to wear. So, I’ve been researching possible patterns, and tomorrow I shall take a trip to a shop to look at yarn. I’ve a vague idea of the sort of colour I want, but I won’t know for definite until I see it. I do know that this project will be my first proper attempt at knitting in the round, so very exciting. I decided to choose a knitting project for the trip because I get travelsick when I concentrate on anything in the car, but if I’m knitting I don’t need to look at it too much. Therefore I can be very productive during the many hours of car time we will be putting in. Bonus! I hate wasted time, where I’m doing nothing. I’m the only person I have ever seen, crocheting or knitting on a bus into town. I think I may get a name for myself if I stick to it for long enough! I’d love to be a ‘character’ – maybe this is my way in!

War and Peace is going well – I’m on target to finish that soon too. Then I’ll have to find something else edifying to read. I don’t know if I want it to end now! And do I choose a shorter book next, or stick with the epic tales? Choices, choices!

Anyway, my fingers are starting to get too cold to work properly on the keyboard – a sure sign that I need to turn the computer off. Goodnight all. xx


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