Completed project 8 – Plabric!

Plabric – my latest foray into the world of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’! As plarn is to yarn, so is plabric to fabric!

I saw a tutorial on youtube ages and ages ago about how to convert used plastic bags into a stronger material to be used to make other items. Recently, having been spending a fair bit of time with Jo and her muddy pigs in her muddy field, I decided that we have a strong need for a welly boot caddy to keep in the back of our caar. Our boot (or trunk, for my American friends!) is bearing a strong resemblance to a dustbin at the moment, with a motley collection of wellies, garden tools, muddy waterproofs and various other items (I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day, assessing the state of my brain from the state of my car, but that’s a whole other issue entirely). It is getting a bit beyond a joke when I can’t even fit in the empty shopping bags, let alone any which have actually got purchases in them. And I do long to be a tidy and organised person. I just don’t seem to be able to organise myself to get started on the organising!

Anyway, the whole car situation has been playing on my mind somewhat, aided by the fact that whenever I’ve been in the same building as GG recently, he keeps telling me that we have to empty the boot and find a new home for all the mud (really, I’m just saving topsoil to give back to Jo for her vegetable garden!). So, this morning I had my first free time with no interruptions for quite some time, and so I settled myself down in front of my sewing machine with my ready prepared plabric (or platerial? Can’t decide which I prefer) and ran up a quick welly bag.

Et voila!

plabric bag

Une sac pour les wellies apres une promenade dans un place avec beaucoup de mud!

I’m not really sure why I branched into Frenglish then; I apologise. I am obviously getting to know you too well. I do have a tendency to branch out linguistically into lyrical versions of all sorts of languages when I am with close friends, so it really shows how comfortable I have grown to be on my blog!

Anyway, back on topic. I would take a picture of the new bag ‘in situ’, so to speak, but in my (normal, I’m afraid) haste to finish the job in my own particular half *rsed way, I merely cleared a space in the boot of my car big enough to place my new bag and plop the wellies inside it. In my defence…no, there’s really no defence. OK, I promise to go outside with a big bin bag tomorrow, before I take my mother shopping, and clear out all of the obvious rubbish at least. And the garden tools. And maybe the jumper, three jackets and two towels (probably best you don’t ask). But the umbrella stays, as does the jigsaw puzzle and the empty water bottle. Never know when they might come in useful.

I’m tempted to take the bag into Sainsburys, explain that I am indeed reusing several of their bags for my latest invention, and ask for my nectar points as my reward. Do you think I’d be successful? Surely I’d get points at least for advertising?!


7 Responses

  1. You is scarily creative. I like.

    Still think you ought to clean your wellies before putting them in the car πŸ˜‰

  2. YES I’d mention it at Sainsbury’s … nothing ventured nothing gained.

  3. WOW!!!!!!

    You are amazing! And to think I, um, struggle to, um, sew on a button. Truly.

  4. You are really creative- I can only hang my head in shame… πŸ˜€ Great job!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. Jo, I plan to clean my wellies in future, but this will still be useful to keep my wellies all in one place in the car rather than in a scattered heap! I actually fitted my food shopping in the boot today, rather than having to put it all in the back seat. This was indeed progress!

  6. I was very impressed with all your (new) boot space. But how long will it last?!?!

  7. Probably not that long, but at least my wellies will stay in the same place! I can fill up the rest of the boot with all sorts of other crap!

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