A lovely day

I have had a really lovely day. I have been spoilt rotten by my husband and sons (as befits my place in the family, on Mother’s Day!) and have been genuinely lazy. It was great!

Lemon cream cake - very yummy!I was brought breakfast in bed by all three, consisting of scrambled eggs on toast with a pot of tea. I believe each of the three took a hand in preparing that for me. Regular additional pots of tea were provided through the day, as well as lunch, a slice of delicious lemon cake with lemon cream filling after lunch, and a buffet tea with homemade pizzas and more cakes! Mmmm, a yummy day!

I went to see my mum this afternoon, so another flowers for Mum from the (and chosen by the) boyscouple of hours of relaxing was to be had there! Then this evening was the final of ‘Dancing On Ice’, so Jo and B came round to watch it with us (as well as to share my cake!)

All in all, I’ve had a lovely relaxing day, with lots of time spent playing on the internet doing absolutely nothing constructive at all. Tomorrow I shall have to have a busy day, what with the small mountain of clean laundry that has accumulated over the past few sunny days, and Jo’s trousers that need patching. Ah, it’s a hard life!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you mums out there – I hope you had a lovely day too.


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  1. That cake looks incredible- I am extremely envious!!

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