Carefully staring into space

Why are surgery waiting rooms such awkward places? Is it because people are worried about discovering embarrasing things about their fellow patients? Pretty much anywhere else I’ve been, if I’ve been waiting with a few people for more than a few minutes (e.g. at a bus stop, outside a theatre or cinema, etc), people have struck up conversations with each other. But never in waiting rooms. Maybe that’s why there’s such an over-abundance of posters and leaflets on display; to facilitate the efforts of the patients to ignore everyone else in the room! I can’t count the number of times I’ve read the posters about bowel screening (“Don’t be shy, doctors have seen all shapes and sizes of bottom before!”), Parentline (“Calm/Rage? Call now and speak to other parents who understand”!), STD clinics, travel vaccination clinics, etc etc etc. But what else can you do? Actually, this morning when I went for the latest in the series of blood tests to find out why my immune system is up the swanee, I took some paper and a pen so that I could make notes for my blog post. But the awkwardness of sitting in that waiting room with unwilling co-inhabitants more or less overtook my thinking capabilities and the paper remained blank! Thank goodness I only had to wait for a couple of minutes!

Due to aforementioned knackered immune system, I’ve been feeling especially tired for the last few days as my body has been fighting off the latest cold virus. Yesterday, I struggled to stay awake long enough to get to work on the bus, which is definitely way worse than fighting to stay awake on the way home. Anyway, it was only with the assistance of serious help (Dairy Milk, Bounty bar and Starburst for that pure sugar rush!) that I made it through the day in one piece. Today, I was better prepared, and fuelled up on caffeine before leaving the house. After several cups of tea, at eight thirty I made myself another cup of tea, but in a large insulated cup which I now believe to be the most inspired invention since, umm, chocolate! It stayed hot until I finally finished it in work at ten o’clock, and I can’t believe I’ve not been using the cup every time I’ve gone to work! I genuinely didn’t think that the drink would stay hot for so long – I’m ever so impressed!

Anyway, I don’t know whether I was coming down from my caffeine high, or whether yesterday’s sugar rush finally passed, but I had a couple of hours of feeling extraordinarily spaced out later on this morning, which was alternately very nice (relaxing in a “ooh, what a lovely place and what beautiful people” way) and extremely unsettling (as in “where am I, who are you and where are my slippers?”). Luckily, I only had a short shift to work today, and also no-one’s life depends on the accuracy of my work so I will be able to rest easy tonight that I’ve done noone serious damage with my lack of brainpower.

Of course, having a cold and I think possibly the onset of a chest infection means that with every movement I am coughing more and more, sounding increasingly like an asthmatic old lady who smokes eighty cigarettes a day and should really be on oxygen. I am supposed to be helping Jo dig her new vegetable garden tomorrow, but she has graciously said that I can sit down and supervise. I’m strongly considering whether to take a shawl and lap blanket with me. I think that the insulated cup will be pressed into use once more, for soothing infusions of healing herbs (i.e. cups of Earl Grey tea).


7 Responses

  1. Hope you feel better very soon.

    I’ve finished my Desert Island MP3s in case you feel like having a nose!

    I smiled when I saw your Dad’s choice … we agree on one!

  2. Thank you very much, Sandie. I’ll be over for a gander presently!

  3. I always seem to read that Parentline one over and over again when I’m there. Having the kids with me seems to help, I always seem to end up talking to someone about them. One old guy asked me if Oliver was a boy or girl – he was dressed all in blue, and I think he’d be quite an ugly girl.

    Hope you enjoy the sunshine at Jo’s, and feel better soon.

  4. So, about that cold of yours…!

  5. @WPT – “I think he’d be quite an ugly girl.” – bless him! How can you say that about your own child?!?

  6. I meant it in a way that meant, he definitely looks like a boy, and I didn’t think you could mistake him as otherwise. I wasn’t actually saying he was ugly, I think he’s gorgeous – and definitely a boy!

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