Really? Where will the madness end?

We had omelettes for tea tonight, using eggs kindly given by Jo. They were tres delicious, but that’s not the reason I’m posting about it. Jo’s been using egg boxes donated to her by friends, nothing like a good reduce reuse recycle moment! Anyway, full credit goes to GG for spotting something on the egg box.

egg box

Can you spot the oddity? No? OK, I’ll zoom in for you…

allergy advice

Really? Really? Let’s put it this way; I’d be mightily bloody annoyed if there wasn’t any egg in a box full of eggshells!


3 Responses

  1. Made me smile! Yesterday I bought some cashew nuts which were packed in a factory where they handle …. guess what … sesame seeds and NUTS!

  2. That’s fantastic, I’m going to have to go look at all the egg boxes in the cupboard now.

  3. I’ve got a bag of fish in the freezer which helpfully warns me about the fish content. Which is good to know: I mean, it is shop’s own…!

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