Today’s musings

This morning my head was brimming over with random thoughts, but I had no time to type anything down as I went to work. So, I grabbed a couple of bits of paper and a pen and sccribbled and scrawled my way into town on the bus. So now I’m peering at these cryptic notes, trying to figure out what exactly I was thinking eight hours ago!

As I mentioned earlier, today is Comic Relief day and my boys wore pyjamas to school, with vests, thick socks and dressing gowns to keep themselves warm! At the last minute, I remembered a can of red hair spray which had been lurking in my bathroom for the last couple of years. I liberally doused both boys’ heads with the contents, and Cheeky went to school with flame-red hair, although unfortunately Handsome’s dark hair prevented the colour being so noticeable. That was, until I got them in the bath after school this afternoon! Handsome went to scratch his head with wet hands, and I had to do a double take when I next looked at him to see red liquid streaming down his face – for a moment there I could have sworn that he had a serious head injury! I therefore was prepared for how Cheeky would look when I washed the red out of his hair, although the depth of colour of the bath water took¬†me aback a fair bit! I’ve left some bleach in clean water in the bottom of the bath so that I can (hopefully) get the bath mat back to a normal colour!

But back to the school run; it was very strange seeing all the boys in their branded and ‘charactered’ pyjamas, competing to see whose were coolest, while the little girls were obviously competing for ‘cutest’, ‘fluffiest’ and ‘most fashionable’ categories! Not to mention ‘pinkest’ – I don’t think I saw a little girl who wasn’t wearing pink pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown today. But the one kid I felt most sorry for was a little boy who was running up the path after I’d deposited Handsome at the junior school. I say running, but he was wearing fabric dinosaur shaped slippers and the ground was wet, so squelching would be a better adjective to describe the way¬† he was progressing! Bless him – his wet feet have been on my mind all day!

I think that this is the first Red Nose Day ever that I’ve not decorated my hair. Every other Red Nose Day, I’ve had long enough hair to put it in plaits, or at the very least in bunches and tie some red ribbons around it! I made an attempt to do something this morning, but with hair as short as mine it just looked silly. And the red hair spray was all used up, so I couldn’t have any of that either :-(. I did, however, wear a red top and my ‘clothes nose’, so I feel as if I did my bit! Very few other people at work made an effort, so I didn’t feel left out.

The bus was very quiet and sober after the jollity of the schoolyard this morning, and I didn’t see anyone obviously about to celebrate Comic Relief. I kept expecting someone to jump up, put on red noses, don deeley-boppers¬†and ‘do something funny for money’, but it never happened. I got all the way to town amid the usual dourness of Cardiff’s morning commuters! And ¬£3 for a return journey to town – three miles each way. Hmph. I still begrudge paying that and could think of many better things to spend the money on. Roll on warmer weather and getting my bike out again, so that I can save that ¬£6 per week – I know it doesn’t sound much, but it adds up over time.

Our car, Tallulah, had a red nose for Comic Relief, bought ages ago from Sainsburys. It was magnetic, and looked lovely on her ‘nose’, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to have a very tight magnetic hold on the bonnet and ended up disappearing over the roof and onto the hard shoulder of the M4 whilst we were travelling at considerable speed at the beginning of the month. I have another story about projectiles and cars, but I’ll save that for another post. Tantalising!

Three¬†minutes to the start of Comic Relief 2009, and the pizza should arrive any minute, so I’ll sign off for this evening. I hope that you all have a lovely Friday evening too, and have an equally delicious dinner!


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