Internet, how I love thee; let me count the ways…

…I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my broadband connection can reach…

I’ve missed the internet! Or more specifically, I’ve missed my little daily routine of reading my blog feeds on google reader, checking here for the wordpress blogs I follow, getting up to date with Twitter and then watching the news headlines pass across the top of my screen on the ticker.

I’ve had a lovely weekend though. Spent some time with Jo and B yesterday morning, as well as with her animals, then had the evening and today with GG’s family, to celebrate a couple of birthdays in his family. We had a great time with the in-laws; played an hilarious game of Cranium (in which my sister in law and myself beat her partner and GG!), had a delicious chinese takeaway last night then an even more delicious roast beef dinner at lunchtime today; spent the afternoon watching Star Wars and eating chocolate cake, then enjoyed tea together whilst watching Dancing on Ice on the television. Doesn’t get much better than that!

In not so good news, it looks like GG’s come down with conjunctivitis. We’re disappointed because we thought he’d escaped it, given that my eyes cleared up a week ago or more, and Cheeky’s eyes were better well before then. However, his eyes are really red and irritated, especially when he tries to concentrate on reading anything, so it looks like he might have to take a couple of days off work. Bless him; I’ll have to look after him especially well this week! He deserves it after the care he took of me when I was unwell a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, I’m home again now, so once I’ve caught up on the dozens of blogposts I have to read, may normal service recommence! Hope you all had a good weekend too, and that the week ahead is full of fun and frolics for you!


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