Another cup of tea

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve consumed more tea than ever. It’s very comforting in cold weather, or when I’m feeling ill, or miserable.

‘Cup of tea’ continues to be one of the most popular search engine results that directs people here. So, for all of you who have come here for a cup of tea, pull up a chair and let me get out my new teapot;


Do you like it? Isn’t it painted with lovely spring colours? I got it brand new from my local Sue Ryder charity shop, and I was so pleased to have it as I’ve been after one like this for a while. But where are my manners; Earl Grey, anyone?

teapot and cup

I know that tea purists are reeling in horror at the sight of Earl Grey tea with milk added, but I just can’t bring myself to drink tea without milk, so you’ll have to make your peace with that! I’d recommend pairing the cup of tea with a nice biscuit, or if you can, a delicious Tregroes toffee waffle. Mmmm, they deserve a post all of their own!

This combination makes for a happy afternoon, even if the weather is appalling and uninviting outside my window!


3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Just found your blog, and am thinking of starting one of my own. Any advice?
    I just attended a mystery tea party that one of my friends put on. It was so much fun. She bought the play on the internet at I played the part of a hypochondriac, very funny.
    I collect tea pots and cups also. Once you start a collection, it seems people are always giving them to you. I don’t buy them anymore, but my collection keeps growing anyway.
    Have a great day,

  2. Mary, I’d say to start up a wordpress blog because I find it really simple to work, and simple to make changes to as well. Pick a name which you won’t get bored with, because you’ll be stuck with it for a while! Decide straight from the off whether or not you want to give out your name publicly or whether you want to adopt a pseudonym; and finally, blog about what you know about and don’t limit yourself to too narrow a topic area. I blog about anything and everything because that’s the way my mind works. Oh, and if you do decide to set up a blog, make sure you visit lots of other blogs and leave relevant comments there – this will help boost your readership levels.

    Hope I’ve helped! Feel free to leave any other questions which pop into your head, and good luck!

  3. I love that tea pot!
    Honestly, in my family, everyone drinks Earl Grey with milk. I’m the only “weirdo” who drinks mine with nothing but honey πŸ™‚

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