Genetics or chance?

I apologise in advance for the poor picture quality of my ‘letters’ – I photographed them rather than scanning them onto my computer, purely out of laziness – the camera was right by my side, whereas I would have had to walk into the next room to use the scanner! However, it’s readable, so I’m not going to the extra effort now! 

letter to blogletter to blogletter to blog

Dad's handwriting sample

Dad's handwriting sample

My handwriting sample

My handwriting sample

Mum's handwriting sample

Mum's handwriting sample

letter to blogletter to blog


6 Responses

  1. Penmanship is so interesting. I always find that the most suprising sorts of people have the most beautiful writing.
    I can produce a pretty decent piece myself but it will deteriorate as I keep writing, I guess it’s due to lack of interest in trying to keep things organized.
    But your sample is really neat. It reminds me of my dads.

  2. What an interesting post! My handwriting doesn’t look anything like either of my parents, and is also very dissimilar from my brothers.

    I might copy this idea sometime soon! 😀

  3. Well done you! I was thinking about the handwritten post idea too and trying to decide WHAT to write. I guess a lot more thought goes into a handwritten item – with a keyboard you can change your mind SO easily. Does that make ideas more fluid or more haphazard?

    My handwriting isn’t a bit like my Mum’s or Dad’s but IS similar to a couple of my sisters’ writing.

    I’m still considering the handwritten post and whether it would be good to do one monthly? What do you think? We could encourage each other perhaps?

    I found your handwriting relaxing and easy to read … lovely.

  4. I spotted you on the BBC handwriting samples page!

  5. Thank you all for the compliments! I might think about doing handwritten posts again, perhaps if I’m caught away from a computer for any length of time and find myself with something to say that I want to capture immediately!

    I found that I thought a bit more about the structure of the sentences before I handwrote the post – even though, as my parents have pointed out, there was at least one split infinitive in there! Oh well, I never claimed to be any good at grammar!

    And how exciting to be on the BBC website! Yay! I may have to have a little boasting post about this in a minute – thanks for pointing this out for me! Very excited now! (I know, but I do get excited about the daftest of things!)

  6. Did they not use it on Startrek … to boldly go … ???

    You might be interested to read this

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