Update on Tolstoy

Well, not exactly an update on Leo Tolstoy himself; as far as I’m aware he’s still ‘on the other side’; this isn’t a post claiming some newly found psychic ability! No, this is a brief update on my attempt to conquer “War and Peace”.

I (re)started at page 175 back on the 20th February, and this morning hit page 385! Yay me! I think that this is pretty good going, given that a) it’s incredibly long and hard to read; b) I had conjunctivitis and tonsillitis and was poorly bad for a whole week; and c) I’ve been exceedingly distracted over the past couple of weeks by Colin Firth in both “Mamma Mia” and “Pride and Prejudice”! So, given those three excuses reasons, I’m proud of my progress! I’m now 40% of my way through the book, and it’s definitely getting more interesting! I’m longing for Prince Andrew to be all better and married to Natasha, even though it looks like his father will have to die before that happens. And I want to see what happens to Pierre, and how he resolves his melancholic temperament!

Oh my goodness, readers, it looks like I’m hooked! Well, maybe it’s not such a bad book after all, although any book that takes 400 pages to warm up probably is on to a loser from the start, to be honest. I mean, other than those of us who read it as a labour of love, and those who are forced to read it as part of their academic courses, who would put up with that sort of a slow start?

Anyway, I’ve set myself the (relatively) easy target of finishing it by the end of the month. My husband is amazed; he says he can’t remember ever seeing me take more than a week to read a book before, so this is setting all sorts of new precedents!

Back to the reading then…see you in a month!



2 Responses

  1. hee, hee, like the pic

  2. Reading war and peace isn’t always easy, but still it’s a classic. I read it recently (took me a month) and it was very fulfilling. Have fun reading!

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