Global warming, and why I’m not moving south anytime soon

Crunchy Chicken today posted a link to, and a blogpost about a very interesting article in the New Scientist magazine, offering an opinion on what the world would look like if the overall temperature of the world were to increase by just 4°. It’s very interesting reading, and makes me extremely glad to be already living as near to one of the poles as we do! It also makes me wish even more ardently for our little farm in the south Wales hills. Ho hum. Maybe one day. Meantime, have a look at this graphic of how the world might be in a few decades.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain about the cold so much.


3 Responses

  1. Not sure which is more depressing, the prospects described by the article or the extent of the differences of opinion among the so-called scientists.

  2. It puts today’s problems into perspective does’t it? The wars in Asia and Africa would all be irrelevant and I suppose the NIMBYs wouldn’t have much say in planning permission!

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