Cup of cake

cake in a cup

GG yesterday pointed out this link to me, linking to an online recipe for Chocolate cake, made in a mug, cooked in the microwave. I had the munchies last night whilst watching TV, and as we had no other form of chocolate in the house I decided to give it a go.

It was really really simple to do. I made that whilst GG made cups of tea, in fact. Simple instructions, basic ingredients which almost everyone would have in their house as standard, and three minutes in the microwave to cook. Fabulous!

cake out of a cup

It came out of the mug easily, and then we just split it between us to eat. It was a bit dry though, and I can see why, at the end of the recipe, it was recommended to serve it with cream or ice cream. I think I’ll have to do some experimentation; I’m thinking chocolate chips, or possibly chocolate sauce in the middle. Definitely a really nice vanilla ice cream with it, and maybe I’ll whisk the mixture next time before cooking it in order to get a lighter texture. Definitely something I’d like to experiment with!

Oh, and next time I wouldn’t use a flarey-outey mug either – made for a fairly weird shaped cake!


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  1. You can also find this recipe at
    I remember it being a little bit different than the one in your link.
    Once on her blog, look for “The Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake Recipe in the World.”

  2. basic ingredients which almost everyone would have in their house as standard

    I hang my head in shame

  3. Nice article .Thank.

  4. @Jo – LOL, I admit that I did aim that one at you a tiny bit! As I wrote it I thought how unlikely it was that you would have more than the egg and the mug in your house! Innocent fun, innocent fun my love!

  5. I fancied making this after seeing at on Jo’s blog yesterday. But I don’t have any chocolate of any description. How big a mug do you need to use?

  6. I just used a normal sized mug, which seemed to be the right size. I’m wondering about using two coffee cups next time though, if my coffee cups are microwave proof, that is! Might have to experiment later on!

  7. @elissestuart – thanks for this link, I’ve had a look and I think that chocolate chips would be a very good idea 🙂 – I’ll definitely incorporate them into the next attempt! And she is right. It is possibly the most dangerous recipe in the world. It means that very little stands between me and satisfaction of a chocolate craving!

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  10. It’s better with a healthy dollop of chocolate icing in the middle when it’s still hot- makes it a molten chocolate cake- trust me whisking it won’t help give it a lighter texture- I wanted to make this for friends at a dinner party- thinking it would be cute served in individual cups, but it’s just not good enough- I think it’s the oil instead of butter aspect.

  11. @DesignChick: I didn’t have any oil in the house so used milk instead. The result was light and most tasty!

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