Another great giveaway!

For all of you who like home made items, this giveaway is a must! At, Kristen is giving away lovely things like a gift voucher for her Etsy shop and a beautiful patchwork cushion cover. I’m entering! If you win after seeing it here, please share your prize with me – I’ll be your best friend for ever!

But seriously, there are dozens of giveaways going on right now. What has got into everyone? The generosity fairy has been busy doing her rounds!

Husband down

Cheeky woke up this morning feeling much better than his poor feverish self yesterday, and so I duly packed him off to school (no unnecessary sick days in this house!). Went shopping with Mum, got back to her house and had a phone call from GG (husband) telling me that he feels awful and is coming home. He got home by 3pm, went to bed until 6pm, got up for a few mouthfuls of dinner and now has gone back to bed. Bless him. He booked tomorrow off to get some extra sleep already, so hopefully that should see him right.

He basically has what Cheeky had yesterday – irritable cough, feverish (high temperature) and he’s dizzy if he stands up. Hopefully he’ll shift it as quickly as our youngest did. I bought lots of fruit and vegetables today though, so there are lots of vitamins for him to consume! We’ve all been hit by a bit of a burst of various lurgies recently (except Handsome, touch wood, who is by far the healthiest of us all, touch wood!) so hopefully the warmer weather and longer days will help us to get rid of them for once and for all.

Apron giveaways

Lots of apron giveaways on at the moment. In developing my self image as someone who really wants to clean my house, and who doesn’t see it as a super-huge bore (=where I am right now) I thought it would be an excellent idea to try and get a really nice apron which might encourage me in my domesticated pursuits!

I found all these at the Apronista website, and intend to do my best to enter them all – more chances to win!

calamity kimCalamity Kim is, I think, offering the entire contents of her kitchen! But seriously, this is a HUGE giveaway, with miniature apron, tea towel, books, stationery and many many other kitchenalia items!

amyquarryAmy Quarry is giving away any two items in her shop – this isn’t limited to aprons, although I do like the red apron to the right, and that would definitely be something I’d choose. Her Etsy shop sells items which she has made from repurposed and recycled fabrics, mixed with new, funky fabrics. I like the thinking!

At The Apron Goddesses, a mother and daughter apron set by Twinklebelle is on offer. You just have to go to the Twinklebelle website and pick your favourite apron to comment on, the comment on the giveaway post written by The Apron Goddesses (my favourite is the Raisin Flower apron).

The PolkaDotBarn is offering a swishy, satiny, gleaming pink apron in return for choosing your favourite item from her shop and leaving a comment. In her shop, I like the antique thimble birds’ nest. It’s the little things that make you happy!

Aunt Daisy’s Shoppe is giving away a 1930’s style reversible apron to celebrate the grand opening of her shop. She is selling some very cute pincushions, if you’re in the market for one.

And finally, Country Mom has a contest for a very cute pink and brown paisley half apron (waist down), which is very feminine and sweet.

So, now I’ve reported all of the giveaways, it’s time for me to go and leave some comments. Then I will be adding them all to my Google Reader, because I think it would be tremendously rude to expect to be included in any of these giveaways while not reading any more posts. Besides, I have found some of my most favourite blogs to read in this way. Wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed that I win one of them!

Cheeky’s much better

After a whole lot of extra sleep (two and a half to three hours), and a reviving bacon, onion, yellow pepper and cheese omelette, Cheeky felt much better and declared himself eager to go to the farm and help his Auntie Jo with the digging. We duly went up there and spent a couple of hours with her. We set GG to work

Jo and GG working hard on the new vegetable garden

Jo and GG working hard on the new vegetable garden

although he did have to borrow the kids’ spade at one point! However, a bit more double digging was accomplished, so another small step has been taken on the road to readiness for planting! The other bed (that the pigs dug for us) will be nurturing the potatoes, so Jo’s hoping that she might get away with a little bit less digging on that patch, and that the potatoes will do the hard work for her! If she’s traditional, she has eleven more digging days before she should be planting on Good Friday. Perhaps if I visit again, I might even get round to wielding a fork or shovel!

New theme again!

I got bored with the theme for my blog (as predicted) as the Spring came in and the days got lighter and brighter. I decided that it was fitting to ditch the old, dark theme on the day that the clocks have gone forward and my evenings are correspondingly lighter.

So, what do you think? I chose the three column theme as I do seem to have rather a lot in my sidebars, and I can’t bring myself to get rid of any of it! Plus, I think that I may be adding more blogs to the blogroll soon, as I’ve been following a whole batch of new (to me) blogs over the last couple of months.

GG was in on my decision, and helped to narrow down the choices. My only absolute was that I wanted that customiseable header image at the top – I’m enjoying changing it every time I come across a new, suitable image!

Poor Cheeky!

As I type, my poor little Cheeky boy is lying next to me in bed (that’s right, I’m having another lie in!), coughing away, looking very tired and feeling really quite sorry for himself! He’s hot everywhere except his feet, which are like little blocks of ice so I’ve just done him a hot water bottle to try to sort that out. He has picked up a cold (probably mine, if truth be told) and has turned it into mini-man flu. There’s whimpering, loud breathing, pitiful looks from his big, puppy dog eyes, and constant updates as to his symptoms! At least he has his voice back today though, which was fading in and out like a bad DJ at a school disco yesterday.

We’re going to take it easy for this morning, but I’m hoping that he’ll feel better after lunch and I’ll be able to get him and his brother out to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine that is here (for one day only, apparently!). I’ll see how tired he seems after some nice lunch.

Bless him. He’s usually so manically happy and energetic, it’s quite unnerving to have him lying down docilely for the whole morning.

Saturday – birthday present shopping and Earth Hour

Yesterday was a wonderfully lazy sort of a day. I had a lovely long lie in, then Cheeky and I went to town, shopping for Handsome’s birthday present. We were successful, thankfully, in quite a short space of time, so we were able to spend the rest of the afternoon ambling happily around the shops that we wanted to go to instead. We went and looked at the pet stall in Cardiff Market, so that Cheeky could admire the gerbils, then we went to the food hall in Howells to buy some chocolate. Cheeky has a cold and was losing his voice yesterday so the chocolate was medicinal! We sat in the public gardens beside the old library for Cheeky to consume a medicinal Lindt bunny, where I noticed this rather magnificent magnolia tree;

St John's church and magnolia tree

It kind of puts our little tree in the front garden to shame!

After we had finished ambling around town, we went down to Cardiff Bay to meet my friend and Cheeky’s Godmother, Maria. On our way, we stopped to take a quick self portrait in the mirrored water tower (otherwise known as the Torchwood Hub) outside the Millennium Centre;

Jennie and Cheeky

We then went for a rejuvenating cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake. Maria came home with us in the evening and we all observed Earth Hour together. We lit candles in the sitting room, and used our wind-up torch if we wanted to go to any different rooms. I did my best to talk about the reasons for Earth Hour with the children, but I think that they may have been too excited, having their Auntie visiting unexpectedly, to pay a great deal of attention! However, we let them stay up late to sit in the candlelight with us. We all found it very relaxing – Cheeky found it so relaxing, in fact, that he fell asleep on GG’s lap!

All in all, it was a lovely day, and one that I look forward to repeating, with minor variations, in a couple of weeks when I take Handsome shopping for Cheeky’s birthday presents. Having both birthdays in April was extremely bad planning!