Severn Estuary

Dad and I had a good long walk on Monday. Cheeky ended up coming with us as he was off school with conjunctivitis, and did very well to walk the majority of the four miles that we ended up doing.

For a while, Dad and I have been wanting to see the nearest bit of coastline to us, at the edge of the Severn Estuary. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to check the tide tables and so this was what greeted us when we arrived;

severn estuary mud flatsThe tide was most definitely out, and as the River Severn has the second highest tidal range in the world, it was a long way out! Cheeky was most disappointed as he had expected to see the sea at our destination, and instead thought that the see had frozen over and all of this was ice. He couldn’t grasp that it was just a massive expanse of mud, and I’ve had to promise to take him another time when the tide is in.

However, it was good to finally work out the way to the coast, although I don’t think I’d do the walk alone as it is a bit of a remote path and I’d be a bit wary for my personal safety.

In other news, winter is definitely fading fast here in Cardiff. Yesterday and today I’ve been able to have my living room and kitchen windows wide open to air the house without actually freezing solid, and today I noticed that some of the daffodils outside the house are finally beginning to bloom. I love their bright yellow colour; it’s such a bright, optimistic sort of a colour! Maybe I should redecorate the house all the way through in daffodil yellow before next winter and banish the winter blues! Hmm, can’t really see GG going for that though!

daffodils 27th february


2 Responses

  1. Send him straight to the pub one night after work, we’ll paint the place and then if he doesn’t like it, he can repaint it in his own time 🙂

  2. I’ll help!

    I haven’t been to the sea wall at that point, but when I was younger we used to regularly go for a walk along it from Peterstone Wentlooge. There used to be a path that ran alongside the Church there, opposite the Six Bells. Also if you go to the Lighthouse Inn further along the coast road you just have to climb up some steps from the car park and you’re there (although I have heard rumours that they’ve started charging to park there).

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