Cheeky’s first watercolour!


My younger son, Cheeky, has recently decided that he will be an artist when he grows up, and so has started doing drawings every day. Usually, they are of charaters from ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Ben 10’, although yesterday he did a group portrait of the cast members of ‘Mamma Mia’! Anyway, I wanted to share this, his first attempt at watercolour! He was given homework at half term to create something with a Welsh inspiration, and so he thought of this. GG drew a dragon for him, and then showed him how to apply the colour and more or less left him to it. Well, I think he did very well (remember he’s only four years old, and this was his first attempt at watercolour!). I’ve been told that watercolour painting can be a little tricky, given that the colours will bleed into each other if they touch whilst wet. He really enjoyed it, and so hopefully will do some more later on. For now, he has a couple of folders in which he stores his ‘artwork’ and spare paper, as well as an old biscuit tin for all his pencils.

It’s lovely for me too, because he isn’t yet confident enough at his reading to sit alone and read a book quietly, so I’m enjoying that he now has a hobby which allows him to be calm and peaceful for an interval between running around the house making noise!


6 Responses

  1. That’s fantastic. Dan’s paintings are still just big, splodgy blobs, he seems to try and get as much paint on the paper as possible. His colouring is getting better though.

  2. hey thanks dear ..
    your post brought smile on my face .. 🙂

  3. Thanks both for your comments – I am proud of him! He tried ever so hard to do this well!

  4. I like the idea that he’ll have a hobby (at which he’ll be extremely good) whilst he’s incarcerated…

  5. @Jo – You’re really mean!

  6. I’m bringing toffee tonight: how is that mean?! AND I’m about to have a shower so you lot don’t have to put up with farmyard odours all night!

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