RSPCA pig campaign buttonI recently watched Jamie Oliver’s latest TV programme – “Jamie Saves Our Bacon”. I had heard before that about the British pork industry being in trouble due to foreign pork being imported in great qualtities, but I didn’t realise how hard it is for British farmers to compete with their European rivals. You see, in Europe, farmers are (for now, at least), still allowed to keep their pigs in horrific conditions where they can’t move other than to stand up or sit down, and are kept like this for the majority of their lives. In Britain, laws have already been passed to ensure a minimum level of pig welfare is achieved. And so it is pretty much impossible for British farmers to compete, and we are being tricked into buying foreign, unethically produced pork. Surely paying just a few more pence would, for most people at least, be acceptable if it meant that the animals hadn’t had to live in misery? Surely, if we will eat meat, the least we can do is to try to see that the animals have a good standard of living before they end up on our tables? I feel very strongly about this now, and my weekly shopping time has really increased while I spend time examining labels of many things I buy to find out where and how they were produced. And it is hard work. It is incredibly unclear sometimes as to whether the meat is British, or whether it has just been imported and then packaged here.

And so I’ve signed the Jamie Oliver Pig Pledge as well as the RSPCA Rooting For Pigs campaign. As you will see, I’ve put a link on my sidebar to the RSPCA campaign, and if I could find a button for Jamie Oliver’s campaign, that would go on there too!

egg guideI’m also looking for a badge for my side bar which promotes buying free range eggs, so if anyone knows of one, that would be great! I’m aware of the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall ‘Chicken Out’ campaign; I was just wondering whether there is one specifically for free range eggs as well? I have found this one which I think aims to educate about ‘hidden eggs’ in food as well as conditions for chickens kept in cages. There are also links to e-cards to be sent to the government, and letters to your local council calling for a ban on caged chickens.


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