Weird search terms…again!

Whenever I want to be reassured that the world is still just as weird as I thought, I go and look at the stats pages on my blog and see what search terms people have used in search engines to find their way to my website. And sometimes, they baffle me so much that I feel the need to share. Today is one of those times!

Would someone please explain to me how TWO people yesterday managed to find their way to my blog after doing a search for pig vulva? I know I’ve talked about pigs a fair bit here since my bezzie mate Jo moved down to South Wales last summer, but at no time do I remember engaging in a frank discussion of pigs’ vulvas, or of any other pig genitalia, as far as I remember! It’s not a subject that I know a lot about, or that I feel the need to expand upon on this platform (if ever, anywhere, actually). Out of interest, I did a Google blog search for ‘pig vulva’ to see where I was placed. DON’T do this at home; it threw up some very suspect looking links that I wish I’d not seen. However, the one thing it didn’t produce was a link here. So now I’m (even more) confused!

Someone else has come here today after a search for weird monkey. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m a little short of odd simians here.

Another search was bad cake. Hmmmph. Not impressed that that one was sent here. Quite offended in fact.

There are lots of other silly little phrases which have obviously brought people here far out of context of what they were probably searching for. However, I hope that when people come here by accident that they don’t hate what they see, and that they keep coming back. I do love seeing those blog stats growing! And the more people who visit, probably the more weird search terms I’ll get popping up!