A year ago today…

…I blogged about a visit to Roath Park Lake (a regular haunt for my family) and I posted some photos.

Until I looked back and saw what we were doing a year ago today, I didn’t realise how far behind Spring is this year as compared with this time last year. On the 17th February last year there were lots and lots of daffodils in bloom, and I noted that I had seen trees with leaf buds on. Well, I’ve not noticed any daffodils yet, and only this morning I was thinking that it would be lovely when the new leaves look as if they’re getting underway! Wow! The cold snap really has made a difference round here then.

However, I am starting to notice some signs of life. I’ve already blogged about the snowdrops in our garden; on Saturday I noticed that our crocuses are looking particularly lovely this year. So there are some compensations!


Completed project 5 – potholder/heat pad/table protector

potholder heat pad

Tadaaah! My latest finished project. A potholder or heat pad, or replacement for a trivet, call it what you like (so long as it’s respectful!). Lidl are selling packs of cotton yarn at the moment, and so I bought a pack in this colour and also in a bluey-green colour.

I found the pattern on Ravelry (my new second home!) and it crocheted up with no problems at all in less than a day. A nice little project to make me feel as if I’m achieving something!