Roath Park Lake

Clock Tower

We decided to take advantage of both the good weather and the fact that GG and the kids are home, and went for a walk to Roath Park. There was a good brisk wind, which blew away the cobwebs, and I took a few pictures which I thought I’d share with you.

swans and reflections

There were loads of swans on the lake today, and we stopped and had a good long look at them all. The two above really looked as if they were admiring their reflections in the still water!

While I was watching them, another swan got curious about this person with a metal thing attached to her eye, and came up close for an inspection;

swans head close up

He’d just been ducking his head beneath the water to look for food, hence the droplets of water on his head. Beautiful!


5 Responses

  1. Fab pics, I was fancying going there this week, just need to find me a car Was it really busy?

  2. It was busy around the play park and the ice cream vendors (!) but was fine around the rest of the lake. Busyish, but plenty of room for all. xx

  3. Love the swan photos … especially showing their reflections!

  4. Super pictures! Well done!

  5. I just thought they looked so vain and self-obsessed, I couldn’t resist!

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