Sunday high tea


Yesterday evening, we had high tea at my mum and dad’s house. It was lovely! GG made a cake, I made cheese scones and Mum made fruit scones along with cooking all the other things that we ate. I’m sure we ate far too much, but then again we enjoyed every morsel!

Jam and cream scones Cheese scones Lemon Layer Cake

And as the photo below shows, I wasn’t exaggerating at all when I said we enjoyed the food! We hope to make this a regular occurrence, although I suppose the table may be a little lighter on cake next time, and might include something approaching a vitamin!



2 Responses

  1. Looks wonderful! Perhaps cucumber sandwiches? They contain vitamins and are in keeping with the whole “high tea” thing.

  2. That was an idea that we had had; we are also contemplating something refreshing like a fruit salad maybe? And not so many choices of cake each time, I expect! We were a bit overenthusiastic with it being our first one and also having goodies left from Christmas time! Thanks for returning the visit, by the way.

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