Rugby fever

The annual outbreak of rugby fever has hit Cardiff, ready for tomorrow’s commencement of the Six Nations rugby tournament.

I was walking down Queen Street today, going home after work, when I spotted these guys wondering along;

rugby mascots

From left to right, we can see Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy and England. France was around somewhere, but must have popped off for a quick pint when I took this photo.

I feel sorry for all those romantics with rugby fanatics for partners in Wales this Valentine’s Day, as that is the day that Wales take on England, and so hopes of a romantic day out are dim and distant dreams!

I’m not a huge rugby fan, although I sometimes enjoy watching an exciting game with equally matched and talented teams, and neither usually is GG a sports fan. However, he does make an exception for the Six Nations, so I expect I’ll have a few weekends of teaching the boys to sing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’* just to really get him down!


*For those of you not in the know, ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ is the song traditionally sung by English rugby fans at the matches. As GG is Welsh, and I am English, he gets quite cross when I claim that the boys are as much English as Welsh, and especially cross when I teach them to cheer for the English rugby team! Such fun times lie ahead!


One Response

  1. the thing about living in the states is that we don’t have rugby.

    oi mate! cheers. bloody irish are after me! oi!

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