Snow day!

So, my children’s school has eventually given way and closed for the day. We have less snow on the ground than we did on Tuesday (not enough to play in :-() but apparently the forecast is for heavy snow later today and I think they were worried about people getting home.

So I get to have an extra day with my kids – our views are inverted because they are cross that they can’t play with their friends, while I’m happy that they’re staying home. Surely there’s something awry there?!

I’ve got to go out at some point as my voice is fading in and out in quite a comedic way (so no phone call today, Mum and Dad) and I need to buy some throat sweets. I think I’ll do something creative today, although I’ve not decided whether it will take a culinary or a crochet-y direction yet! I got an amigurami book with my knitting magazine recently which has been looking at me invitingly ever since, so maybe I’ll do something from that. And then my wonderful mother in law is cooking my dinner tonight, so I don’t have to think about that – bonus!

I foresee a good day ahead!


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  1. Sorry to hear about your sore throat hope it soon feels better. (Stop yelling at GG and the “little angels!”):)

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