An un-Christmas present…

…or maybe a Happy February present! Whatever the reason, my lovely Mum gave me this book today:

John Seymour book

John Seymour; “The Concise Guide to Self-Sufficiency”. I’ve already read a large chunk of it (while I ate lunch loveingly prepared by my father for me!) and I’m finding it fascinating.

I bought Jo the latest John Seymour book for Christmas and was secretly envious and wishing I could justify keeping it! So I really was thrilled this morning to receive this from my generous parent!

Now all I need to do is to find the wherewithal to buy a house and five acres of land and I’ll be all set…


9 Responses

  1. The title intrigues me. What’s it about?

  2. Well, I could now (in theory) kill and prepare a chicken for dinner, butcher a pig carcass, build a beehive and make birch-sap wine! All good fun stuff! But more seriously (and more useful for many people, I’d imagine) it gives good advice on how to start a vegetable garden as well as new (old) ideas of how to store surplus produce. I’m a wannabe country girl at heart, so reading this is like pretending I cold be living the dream!

  3. Thanks!

    I know a girl who would love this book and I may just gift it to her as a gift.

    Many thanks Jennie P.

  4. Well, I could now (in theory) kill and prepare a chicken for dinner…

    Excellent! What you up to tomorrow?

  5. You’re very welcome, Otto. And Jo, tomorrow I’ll be washing my hair! There’s no way I’m coming and killing evil b*st*rd chicken for you, you need to learn to do it yourself!

  6. I’m not doing it for you either….


  7. It’s the preparing rather than the killing that I’m not sure about. I’ve held him a few times and “practised” so I think the Deed should be ok…

  8. I’ve held him a few times and “practised” …

    Lol! I was quite literally helpless with laughter when I read that!! Bless you!

  9. Erm, glad to be of service?

    I do a stand up act as well you know.

    It’s called “try to shut the chickens up before dark”

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