Praise indeed!

So, my mother in law saw my new hat and has ordered one for herself, to take on a holiday to Switzerland (lucky thing!) that she will be enjoying in the next few weeks! I must be doing something right if I’m getting orders!

There will (of course) be photos posted as and when I finish, which shouldn’t be too far in the future, although I think you may have to put up with my ugly mug again as I’m fairly confident that MIL won’t let me post a photo of her. The wool I am using is a lovely raspberry colour, again from the stash, and I bought it years ago to make myself a cardigan or a jumper. I’ll still have plenty left to make myself something, although I really don’t know what I’ll make yet. Maybe a shrug or a poncho?

Still I have hats to make first!

In other news, as I am full of cold, I have set GG to making cake for us today. He has made lovely cake in the past but has no confidence in his own baking abilities, so this will be good for him! Just so long as he follows the recipe exactly, he will be fine. We have decided that we will eat healthily and count calories all week, but then we will treat ourselves on Sundays to cake or biscuits etc, rather than depriving ourselves entirely. Also, Handsome and I went for a short jog yesterday, and he says that he’ll take me again, so maybe 2009 will be the year that I get fit!


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  1. I’ve given you an award … I so like visiting your blog … drop by and collect it!

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