Completed projects 3 and 4, 2009

brown and gold scarf

So, here’s two more projects that I’ve recently completed. At least having a cold means that I can be productive in alternative ways, and I don’t have to stop altogether! First is a picture of a bronze-coloured scarf which is a present (belated!) for another friend of mine. She should also have had it at Christmas, but I only finished it last week; I’m sure she won’t mind as she likes Christmas to be spread out!

pink hat

This photo is of my hat which I finished this morning. I had three balls of this dusky pink wool (Bergere de France, Magic) sitting in my cupboard, and decided that I should really use it up rather than having it gathering dust – I’ve got plenty of other places to gather dust, and I don’t need to create more! The hat used a ball and a half, so I’m thinking of finding another pattern to find either a collar or a pair of mittens to use up the yarn.

The yarn stash is starting to decrease! And I’ve never made a hat before, so I can be happy on two fronts!


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  1. They are both lovely. Congratulations on decreasing the yearn stash.

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