President Barack H Obama

Yesterday I was privileged to witness the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America. My mother and I listened to the oath of office in the car and then were pleased to be able to watch the inauguration address on a big screen in the centre of Cardiff, outside St David’s Hall. Despite there being a wide ocean between us, and it being the inauguration ceremony of the leader of a different country, it did seem to lift our spirits and foster a sense of hope in us.

As my mother said to me last night, a lot of what President Obama said in his address applies equally to the people of Britain as well as the American people. We too are going through a trying time with our economy, and feel as if the winter will never end. We too need to think more about the people around us rather than being continually grasping without stopping to think about the consequences on our fellow humans around the world. This downturn in the global economy, rather than being the harbinger of nothing but sadness and hard times could be such an opportunity to try to recapture a sense of community and mutual responsibility, if handled properly.

President Obama

I look forward with great eagerness and anticipation to see what his first hundred days in office will achieve. He really carries a heavy burden as the eyes of the world rest upon him. I hope and pray he has the strength to bear the responsibility and power which has been given to him by the voters of the USA, and to wield that power with honesty and integrity.


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  1. What a wonderful post Jennie and how wonderful for there to be a leader who lifts spirits. I wonder whether you have read “Dreams from my Father” ….

    I’m posting a link to a post on my blog which refers to his father in a difficult situation …

  2. Thank you for the compliment. I wish I could be more articulate. I just feel that this could mark a real turning point in the world, if only the opportunity isn’t missed. I’m going over to read your post now. xx

  3. Bear in mind too that Dreams from my Father was written, I think, when Barack Obama was in his early 30s, long before he entered the Presidential race.

    There’s an audio book version read by Barack himself…. I had “Audacity of Hope” for Christmas and must get around to reading that.

    A man of grace and integrity …

  4. Me again … just checked and Dreams from my Father was first published in 1995! Beautifully written.

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